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Joy during a seminar

Joy during a seminar
(photo Peter Kemp)


Some reactions:

“Fascinating open-mouth story! A human being can do anything, as long as you want it. What a life experience, what a richness.”

“Akways believe in your own capacities, never let someone send you off empty-handed. ”

“A strong woman with a strong drive. Despite all the obstacles she encountered on her way, she achieved her goal. An example to mankind. ”



Kubinc playpen

Joy next to the custom playpen, a product in the Wheelchair Friendly Furniture series of Villa2B Design

What I do

Seminars & lectures

“When there are impossibilities, there are also possibilities. I will help you find them.”

Guest speaker who broadens your vision and demonstrates that problems can be turned into challenges.

Many people, in business or otherwise, are looking for the answer to the question: How will I reach my goal? Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Joy's story demonstrates that in order to achieve a goal you need a number of qualities: conviction, perseverance, flexibility and trust. Furthermore it is essential to find the right balance in the three most important elements of your life: family, work and health. In order to achieve this it is essential to set limits. Achieving your goal is directly linked to the choices you make.

“As a woman, wife of, mother and businesswoman I know that balance is the key to success.”

Intuitive Leadership

As speaker in great demand Joy gives fascinating lectures on intuitive leadership. Currently intuitive leadership is the missing link in business and as a consequence people are often stuck in structures and mental ‘boxes’. Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It is time to step out of this box (‘Thinking outside the box’ becomes ‘Feeling outside the box’). Feelings and emotion are the basis and guideline for important decisions. Our intuition has everything to do with ‘trusting your guts’. This unorthodox view and her original life story cause inspiration, motivation and move frontiers that hinder thinking. Many companies were given new impulses after being inspired by Joy.


“Dare to think out of the box”

Joy offers various kinds of training for people who want to broaden their vision, trainings in which you learn to look at situations from a different angle and make innovative choices. Her trainings are fascinating, inspiring and lead to creativity, motivation and a fresh ‘Can do!’ attitude.

Interested in a training for your company? Please contact us for an appointment. Joy will first arrange for an interview after which a custom training offer is made. Invest in your people, you'll get your money's worth. 100% garanteed!


“I believe in you, now believe in yourself!”

There may be something in your life that hinders you, e.g. your work, your relationship, your body. Joy will help you to try and find a solution, or to try and accept is and integrate it into your life. We turn a barrier into a challenge, a challenges gives insight. Insight makes that you can move on. Because Joy is physically disabled herself, she knows like no other what it is like to achieve things in life.

Many disabled parents wrestle with the possibilities and impossibilities concerned with taking care of the family. Joy's approach offers a helping hand, whether it is about adaptations to home and environment or exploring new opportunities. Joy achieves results and she focuses on developing a renewed selfconfidence with independent parenthood as the ultimate goal.


Joy crosses barriers. It is her second nature. As a consultant she is asked by (rehabilitation) centres, business companies and private individuals to improve the accessibility and ergonomics of institutions, companies and houses for disabled. She prioritizes, takes initiatives for optimalization and is extremely involved. This is how, in her own unique way, she brings life and work into balance again.