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“Partially sighted people have glasses. I have a wheel chair. It is a comfortable means of transport, that's all. Many solutions, many devices exist. And when they don't, you invent a solution of your own. This is what I call the power of change. ”



About Joy

Joy was born on October 27, 1975. Due to lack of oxygen during birth she came to this world eighty percent spastic and the doctors were convinced she would never be able to lead a fullfilling life. But Joy proves the contrary. She moves around in an electric wheelchair, is completely independent, has her own house, a husband, a beautiful daughter and runs her own business.

Convictions can be very impeding

My parents taught me that I am responsible for my own life. As a consequence they have always given me the opportunity to find out things myself and to meet up to confrontations. They understood that growing up in an institute for disabled people meant that I would received too little stimulation to develop into a self-reliant, independently functioning person. But they also said: “You will have to do it yourself.”

Because I have learned to make choices myself, I was able to exceed myself and therefore I am capable of much more than people thought I would be. All people have this vitality to be independent. When you keep hearing that you are incapable of something, you'll eventually come to a breaking point at which you give in. But when you are convinced that you áre capable of something, you'll find a solution somehow.

Source of strength

The question is: what is your starting point, your possibilities or your impossibilities? The impossibilities I encountered in my life have enriched my life and are my source of strength. I cannot image a life without my physical disability. And please note, I do not have a handicap. A handicap is located between the ears. A disability is located in your body. And you can do something about a disability. There are solutions. Devices.


Joy and her daughter StarApart from being a consultant, coach and trainer, I am also a mother. The birth of my daughter Star has led to the development of a collection of wheelchair friendly furniture. Once again based on the same starting point: possibilities instead of impossibilities. During my pregnancy my partner John and I started brainstorming about how I could take care of my child in my wheelchair. How I could bathe her and change her napkins while sitting in my wheelchair. Dealers of revalidation tools were always unwilling. Time and time again they told me there are no solutions or devices to help me. This led to the fact that John, who has two right hands, and his architect friend developed a complete collection of wheelchair friendly furniture, from cradle to baby bath, play pen, cot and a carrying bracket to be able to take the baby with you on the wheel chair. Detailed information about this furniture can be found at www.villa2b.com/villa2b-design